Here’s a sad story – as the summer is ending, the mark. internship has also come to a close. While I luckily live in NYC and don’t have to experience the culture shock of going home, it’s incredibly sad to not go to work everyday anymore. Working in the creative department of a beauty & fashion company has been one of the best experiences of my life.

However: this is just a hiatus! Look out for a new blog coming within the next couple of months – I’ll be sure to update the ‘Ship about it. Thank you all for being such loyal readers, it’s been an absolute blast to write this for the last 3 months!


Heart-trending: tory burch flats

As summer is coming to a close, I’m starting to realize that it’s time to revamp my back-to-school wardrobe – especially my shoes. Every season I buy a pair of flats and a pair of boots, wearing them into the ground until they die (case in point: my knee-high suede boots from last year looked like I had splattered them with paint and them tossed them into a paper shredder by April).

After shopping around (where else) for a few hours, I came across my newest obsession – Tory Burch’s python print Reva flats ($235). They’re the same classic shape but in an updated gray snakeskin-print texture. A high price, but the shoes are great quality and sure to last far beyond the one season I usually get out of flats!

Ship style file: makenzie

Name: Makenzie Davies, skincare marketing intern

Age: 22

Hometown: Rockville, Indiana

School: Ball State University

Major: Public Relations

Interests: shopping, traveling, relaxing with friends

Ideal industry to be in one day: Beauty & Fashion

Favorite designers and stores?

Express, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Rebecca Minkoff

What’s your general fashion inspiration? How would you define your style?

I’d like to think my style is professional and classy; however, I really enjoy the bohemian look as well.

What was the inspiration behind this particular outfit?

It’s comfortable and classy.

What’s your favorite thing about the mark. internship so far?

I have two. I’ve loved the learning experience I’ve received and the people I’ve met. Both will impact my future tremendously.

Favorite mark. product to take on a desert island?

for goodness face antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion SPF 30 ($16).

What are your fashion and beauty summer must-haves?

Comfortable sandals, versatile shades and a glowing tan.

And finally, the best thing about being in NYC for the summer? What’s the number 1 thing to do?

The best thing about being in NYC is having ENDLESS opportunities. I loved being in the city all week and then heading down to the beach on weekends!

All access: snakeskin handbags

Image courtesy of

This is the Rebecca Minkoff Alligator Nikki ($595). Isn’t it gorgeous? When I save up enough money, I’m definitely going to buy it as the perfect fall carryall (animal prints were still all over the runways!). Unfortunately $600 isn’t quite in my budget right now – that’s why there are ways to still get right on trend, but for less money! 

The mark. slither and slouch bag ($20) fits the bill of a snakeskin print (with two options – brown or gray) and a huge, roomy, slouchy bag. Everyone I know who has one is absolutely obsessed – so of course I bought 2. (I love when things are on sale.) It’s in the last chance section of the mark. website – get it fast before it’s gone!

Internal affairs: eva chen

Meeting Eva Chen, the beauty and health editor of Teen Vogue, was one of the coolest experiences we’ve had at mark. – she’s such a vibrant person. Hearing about everything from how she spent the day out “in the field” (beauty companies’ holiday open houses!) to how she originally thought she was going to be a doctor, Eva communicated so much about the fashion & beauty industry and just general life advice to us interns.

As an undergrad student at Johns Hopkins, she applied for 30 internships the summer before her senior year. From working at a law firm to Lucky to Elle to Teen Vogue, she demonstrates that you shouldn’t be afraid to move around in jobs/careers. Her goal at Teen Vogue is to make beauty more interesting and dynamic for readers (as a reader myself, I can affirm it’s a job well done).


  • Teen Vogue is such a fun magazine because it’s beauty & fashion in a fun, young way, not quite as serious as “Big Vogue.”
  • You can make a career out of what you do in your spare time – it’s what you’re passionate about.
  • Studying abroad is one of the best experiences anyone can have – it’s a new culture and forces you to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Fashion changes every season, but beauty is about ingredients and science.
  • BE ORGANIZED! Especially in magazines/fashion/beauty.
  • Your 20s is the time to experiment.

Daily Blog Reads:

  • Fashionista
  • WWD (a must for anyone looking to be in beauty & fashion)
  • Refinery29
  • The Sartorialist
  • (obviously)
  • Gawker
  • Jezebel
  • Shopbop
  • Who What Wear Daily
  • Grazia (my obsession as well – British magazines are so good!)

Best part of her job?

A) Writing   B) Interacting with people

Job Advice…

  • Design an astounding resume
  • Say something personal to a company in your cover letter
  • Look professional, self-presentation is important
  • Follow up with a handwritten note
  • Set yourself apart!

News muse

Never say fashion is useless again – specialty and department stores added over 10,000 jobs to the market in July alone. [WWD]

Apologies to fast-fashion chains – Congress is debating a new bill to stop design copying. Of course it’s not all cut and dry – only “deliberate copies that are substantially identical to the protected design” will be illegal. Innocent until proven guilty. [WWD]

Gaetano Pesce, Italian architect and designer, has created the ultimate DIY project: buy a boot made out of circular shapes and cut it into whatever shoe you want. Bootie? Ballet Flat? Flip flop? The possibilities are whatever you want them to be. [T Magazine]

Get excited – Alexa Chung’s line for Madewell is finally debuting! With a style she calls “bringing cute back,” you can get Chung’s look for a much, much lower price. [InStyle UK]

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s high-end line The Row is now available for online shopping – with 360 degree views of each item and moving photographs, this website is one of the better e-commence fashion sites! [Cocoperez]

Ship style file: sadie

Name: Sadie Howes, sales intern

Age: 20

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

School: Johns Hopkins University

Major: International Studies

Interests/Extracurriculars: Snowboarding! the beach, photography, watching college/pro football & lacrosse

Ideal job/industry to be in one day: Advertising & Marketing for Consumer/ Luxury Products

Favorite designers and stores? 

I like a good mix. Chanel is my favorite classy designer. Versace is my favorite fun designer. I love to buy Eight Sixty, Bebe, BCBG, and Free People but of course shop for staples and deals at Express, Forever 21 and H&M.

What’s your general fashion inspiration? How would you define your style?  

Beachy, west coast trend, smart-casual

What was the inspiration behind this particular outfit?

It matched, was comfortable and work appropriate.

What’s your favorite thing about the mark. internship so far?

I love being so actively involved in the brand and getting to make a real difference for Reps.

Favorite mark. product to take on a desert island?

My mark. skincare products – especially the matte chance mattifying lotion ($16).

 What are your fashion and beauty summer must-haves?

Reef flip flops (They MUST be the black, men’s foot conforming ones!), a steady supply of Express camis and a good pair of sunglasses.

And finally, the best thing about being in NYC for the summer? What’s the number 1 thing to do?

Walk along Chelsea Piers at sunset!