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Here’s a sad story – as the summer is ending, the mark. internship has also come to a close. While I luckily live in NYC and don’t have to experience the culture shock of going home, it’s incredibly sad to not go to work everyday anymore. Working in the creative department of a beauty & fashion company has been one of the best experiences of my life.

However: this is just a hiatus! Look out for a new blog coming within the next couple of months – I’ll be sure to update the ‘Ship about it.¬†Thank you all for being such loyal readers, it’s been an absolute blast to write this for the last 3 months!



I’m guess I’m on board the ‘ship…the internship that is! This summer for 10 weeks, I will be interning at mark., a modern fashion & beauty brand. From up here (the 34th floor, with our fantastic skyline view over the east river – hello NYC), I will be posting daily about products, trends, and my experience working here. Check out the sidebars featuring the week’s best sample sales in New York and other fashion blogs I love. Read and enjoy!