Turn over: kristin

Another intern’s point of view.


On Thursday, at exactly four in the afternoon, the interns at the mark. office were all abuzz. Abuzz about what, you ask? The ultimate party we were throwing, of course! To showcase the Ultimate Party Kit coming out in August, we hosted a party in the mark. offices. We worked our magic in order to turn our everyday conference room into a full-out party room – with pink and brown balloons strategically placed around the room and more mark. makeup and fashion items than I had ever seen in one place, the room was really transformed into a festive atmosphere. We dressed mannequins in mark. clothes and accessorized them with the latest jewelry and bags. We had makeup for our guests to try on and magalogs for them to look through.

Clockwise from top left: New mark. products!; the ultimate party kit; gorgeous interns; the party room. Images courtesy of Beth Heitker, sales intern

The party lasted three hours and we had 34 guests throughout the night, both Representatives and non-Representatives. We raffled off the Ultimate Party Kit to one lucky Rep and a package of Rio-themed items from our Carlos Falchi collection to a lucky customer. Everyone received an eyeliner just for coming! All in all it was a great night with cookies, music, and of course mark.

– Kristin Kettig, haircare marketing intern

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