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Turn over: kristin

Another intern’s point of view.


On Thursday, at exactly four in the afternoon, the interns at the mark. office were all abuzz. Abuzz about what, you ask? The ultimate party we were throwing, of course! To showcase the Ultimate Party Kit coming out in August, we hosted a party in the mark. offices. We worked our magic in order to turn our everyday conference room into a full-out party room – with pink and brown balloons strategically placed around the room and more mark. makeup and fashion items than I had ever seen in one place, the room was really transformed into a festive atmosphere. We dressed mannequins in mark. clothes and accessorized them with the latest jewelry and bags. We had makeup for our guests to try on and magalogs for them to look through.

Clockwise from top left: New mark. products!; the ultimate party kit; gorgeous interns; the party room. Images courtesy of Beth Heitker, sales intern

The party lasted three hours and we had 34 guests throughout the night, both Representatives and non-Representatives. We raffled off the Ultimate Party Kit to one lucky Rep and a package of Rio-themed items from our Carlos Falchi collection to a lucky customer. Everyone received an eyeliner just for coming! All in all it was a great night with cookies, music, and of course mark.

– Kristin Kettig, haircare marketing intern


Turn over: brittany

Another intern’s point of view.


One of the things I absolutely love about New York City is the endless possibilities of things to do – I have yet to be bored here. In fact, we’re using every possible moment outside the office to experience as many great things New York has to offer as we can. One particular area of interest is the theatre scene. A little fact I didn’t know: Broadway refers to the theatrical performances presented in one of the 40 large professional theatres with 500 seats or more located in the Theatre District. The professional productions with a seating capacity between 99 and 500 are referred to as “Off-Broadway”. Thankfully, a group of us have been lucky enough to snag tickets to a few shows for great prices.

The first show that I went to was one of my favorite childhood movies, Mary Poppins. It was amazing and the actors, especially the children, blew me away. One of the things I looked forward to seeing was how they transformed the movie onto the stage and I can honestly say they did not disappoint – the set design was incredible and included some of the magic from the screen.

The second  was a classic, West Side Story. While I wasn’t familiar with the story ahead of time, one of the other interns mentioned it was an updated remake of Romeo and Juliet which made it simple to follow. It was a different type of show from Mary Poppins in a good way – West Side Story was more about the performance, which included some amazing dance sequences. Overall, I would highly recommend both shows.

On 46th Street (west of Times Square) between 8th and 9th avenue we found Restaurant Row in Hell’s Kitchen – a ton of delicious places to eat with great dinner specials for the pre-theater crowd.  Before West Side Story we went to Yum Yum Bangkok on 9th Ave. between 45th and 46th. This Thai restaurant offers a 5-course meal (appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert) for $15.95. The food was good and a lot for the given price. Another restaurant I would recommend is Basilica on 9th Avenue between 46th and 47th – the food was amazing! Their special is a 3-course meal and a bottle of wine for every two people for $27.95 per person. While the price is a little high, it is definitely worth it. Do keep in mind that this restaurant is small and wouldn’t be good for a group.

If you are heading to New York City soon (or live close by) I hope you can take advantage of all the things New York has to offer – especially Broadway.

-Brittany Reece, online intern

Turn over: natalie

Another intern’s point of view.


I was recently stuck in a NYC dilemma when I needed to find a 5-night living situation in a short amount of time. Two of my friends from home were coming to visit me here in the city and we needed a place for all of us to stay.

Enter Roomorama!

Images courtesy of

This online tool was the answer to our problems. We wanted to be able to stay in the city within our price range and without the expensive hotel rooms, lack of kitchen and shared bathrooms! We also wanted to be directly in the action of the city, despite the more affordable hotels outside. Because we knew we’d be spending a good amount of money on a temporary living situation and even more on the infinite attractions and shopping opportunities, we really wanted to have a kitchen involved so we could buy groceries and cook rather than eat out everyday. As far as shared bathrooms go – it just would not have been convenient for getting ready in the mornings, for either those of us heading to work or going off to explore the city.

As I’m sure you can imagine, finding a hotel in the city with a kitchenette at best is not cheap. A friend referred us to, a site that is essentially a Craigslist for short-term rentals. Through this website, property owners can rent out their bedrooms or full apartments to short-term renters who want to feel at home on vacation. Coincidentally enough, Roomorama’s tagline is just that: Feel at Home.

We were able to find an apartment in the city fully equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom, and even exposed brick walls, a terrace patio, and a 42” plasma TV (not complaining!) for $175 a night.  Not bad for having equivalent amenities to those at your own home.

The greatest part about Roomorama is that it’s not just in New York City. All you have to do is type in your designated city, number of beds needed and price range and voila! You can temporarily rent a bedroom, apartment or home wherever your next vacation is. Give it a try!

– Natalie Kitson, marketing intern

Turn over: haley

Another intern’s point of view.


At Home in a New York Minute

Image courtesy of

I stuffed my weekender bag with essentials and leapt onto the Greyhound bus out of New York City with my friends, excited for a long 4th of July weekend at Long Beach Island.  After five weeks of interning in the city with mark., we thought some sand and sun a few hours south was just what we needed.  As the bus emerged from the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey, I somehow found myself with my face pressed up against the glass gazing longingly at the distant Manhattan skyline like a kindergartner being dragged away from home on her first schoolbus ride.


The Manhattan silhouette now looked so different than it had a short month earlier, from a plane gliding downward toward the LaGuardia airport.  Whereas before the island had looked like an intimidating mess of towers, a thousand foreign streets and people, now all I saw were familiar bridges, buildings and places where I had managed to cultivate a sense of place and community- a community I now found myself uncomfortable leaving. This was when I first knew that my time interning here was more than just a summer vacation.  My life in the city had become a part of myself and had already changed me and my future forever.

You don’t notice it happening.  You spend the first week (or three?) with your nose buried in a map trying to get your bearings… realizing that yes, Broadway and W Broadway are two very distinct avenues; no, Houston is NOT pronounced like the city in Texas; 15 blocks equals roughly one thousand miles on foot- especially in those new heels.  But after all that, you slowly find yourself in conversation dropping districts and coordinates like it’s nothing and finding little nooks of your favorite boutiques, bars, parks, cafes and restaurants. Each seemingly insignificant event somehow turns into a wild new experience that you never imagined and will never forget. Boat rides, meeting celebrities, swing dancing, impromptu trips to Queens, crepes outside the Cathedral, fireworks on rooftops. In a city among millions of people, every new contact leads to exponentially more new people and acquaintances, who somehow become as close to you as your oldest friends.  Before you know it, you have your own daily habits, friends, routines, inside jokes, ‘regular’ spots, community … your own life.

Seven weeks ago, I was worried about how I would figure out this big city. Now, I’m stuck trying to figure out how I can possibly leave.

For all of you who live here, I hope you can relate and remember to freeze-frame all of your life-changing, whirlwind experiences. To those who haven’t gotten the amazing opportunity to live in the city yet, I hope this gives you some insight and reassurance that no matter how daunting this place may seem at first, just give it a couple weeks and be open to new, seemingly scary experiences.  You just may find a habitat of your own somewhere in this concrete jungle.

– Haley Garrett, alliances intern

Turn over: kelsey

Another intern’s point of view.


One of the reasons I love this internship is the inspiration. Of course, the mark. offices are overwhelmed with talent and motivating, enthusiastic mentors and co-workers. But the learning doesn’t stop when I leave the offices. I get inspiration from many different aspects of my experiences. Furthermore, these experiences inspire a multitude of aspects of my life—fashion, style, music, food and, most definitively, a way of thinking.

Inspiring Cadences of Williamsburg: Brooklyn, NY

It’s shag, it’s urban, it’s bubbling with political idiocracy.  The youth bring life to the crooked sidewalks and short, rustic buildings that sparkle inside with creativity.  The loud, European music sweeping from the stoops of locals accompanies the melodic steps of old school sneakers or vintage boots in the crowds of 20-something-year-olds.

Androgynous styles, budding vegan restaurants and liberal thoughts strip the streets of any antiquated values.  The urge for self-expression and independence meshes with the need to come together and celebrate diversity.

Every space is utilized and concrete covers all – yet green grass is appreciated and deemed necessary for socializing and enjoyment of life.  A local park is representative of America’s core values—separate, but together.

Cool shops, vintage feels.  Bringing the old to the  new.  Allowing history to mold the future  thoughts.  Inspiration, in so many different  aspects!

It’s so cool to be exposed to something so new to me.  Williamsburg is only  one of the awesome places the mark. interns have gotten to experience.  New  York truly is the greatest city in the nation.  We’re all bubbling with  inspiration and just can’t wait to break the boundaries and share it with the  world!

All images courtesy of

– Kelsey Riley, sales intern

Turn over: amanda

Another intern’s point of view.


As the online intern here at mark., I’ll admit that I am a bit of a computer nerd (in heels nonetheless!) and love finding new uses for social media. My latest obsession is exploring New York City with Foursquare, a location-based social media application that you can run on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Whenever I’m shopping or sightseeing in the city, I check-in to the location using the Foursquare app on my cell phone. Foursquare then sends out my location and blurb to my Twitter and Facebook followers .

What’s so cool about letting people know where I am? We can talk about the place, my friends can come join me and I can give a tip on what I liked (or didn’t) about it!

What’s also neat about Foursquare is that if I check in multiple times to a location I can eventually become ‘mayor’; that can allow me to unlock a promotion known as a ‘mayor special’ from that business. Starbucks, Ann Taylor and Whole Foods are just a few of the businesses in New York City that have partnered with Foursquare and offer specials. You can even play Foursquare as a game and out your friends and others as mayors of locations!

Several of the interns are now on Foursquare as well – it’s fun to see what the other girls are doing in the city (when we’re not all together!) and give each other ideas to explore new places! I can even add tips to my profile for my friends to view, add to their own ‘to do’ lists and visit.

My recent Foursquare check-ins in the Big Apple include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Citi Field in Queens for a Mets game, Coney Island, the Financial District and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Where will I be next? Follow me on Foursquare here!

– Amanda Goodhue, online intern

Turn over: sarah

Another intern’s point of view.


The temperature is on the rise in NYC! As the thermometers creep higher and higher (I’m talking over 100 degrees!), the mark. interns have been trying to stay cool in whatever ways we can. This means staying inside of our wonderfully air conditioned offices for lunch, breaking out our cutest tanks to wear to work and crossing our fingers that our train is waiting for us when we reach the subway platform after work. I’ve also found that I’ve had to switch up my makeup routine to ensure that my face looks fresh and flawless all day. To me, not much is worse than looking in the mirror and finding my mascara smeared, my foundation caked and my shadow creased. Luckily, mark. has TONS of fabulous products that are formulated to beat the heat! Here are my top picks:

Get a Tint ($9) – mark.’s tinted moisturizer comes in 4 blendable shades, and is super lightweight and refreshing. It gives me sheer coverage that leaves my skin looking young and dewy (without looking sweaty, streaky, or cakey!). The best part about using Get a Tint in the summer is the sun protection it offers. Its SPF 15 keeps me protected as I run around NYC.

Please Hold ($8) – This eye primer gets your lids ready for shadow by creating an even base that results in better color payoff and a crease-free look all day. Until this summer, I had never used eyeshadow primer before. I was really missing out! Using Please Hold, my shadow stays in place from 8AM to 8PM — seriously!

Lash Splash ($6) – This hook-up mascara is waterproof, so even if you start to sweat, it won’t budge! After curling my eyelashes (I swear by my Shu Uemura eyelash curler) I apply an even coat and voila: fabu-lash!

Glow Baby Glow in Pink Crush ($6) – Okay, so this product isn’t just for the summer, but this is my absolute favorite lipgloss — it leaves your lips with a healthy pink glow, and a slight sparkle. This comes in hookup form, so…

…attach it to your favorite A Spray We Go Fragrance ($8) and throw it in your purse! Let’s face it, we all are going to sweat on a hot summer day (I prefer to refer to sweating as “glistening”, but that’s just me), and chances are the perfume we started out with in the morning may start to fade away. With A Spray We Go, you have a mini bottle of your favorite mark. fragrance on you at all times. Freshen up at lunchtime, and you’ll smell amazing for the rest of the day!

As the weather heats up, try out these products and show mother nature that you’re just as hot as the scorching sun!

P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

– Sarah Hreyo, product development intern