News muse

Never say fashion is useless again – specialty and department stores added over 10,000 jobs to the market in July alone. [WWD]

Apologies to fast-fashion chains – Congress is debating a new bill to stop design copying. Of course it’s not all cut and dry – only “deliberate copies that are substantially identical to the protected design” will be illegal. Innocent until proven guilty. [WWD]

Gaetano Pesce, Italian architect and designer, has created the ultimate DIY project: buy a boot made out of circular shapes and cut it into whatever shoe you want. Bootie? Ballet Flat? Flip flop? The possibilities are whatever you want them to be. [T Magazine]

Get excited – Alexa Chung’s line for Madewell is finally debuting! With a style she calls “bringing cute back,” you can get Chung’s look for a much, much lower price. [InStyle UK]

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s high-end line The Row is now available for online shopping – with 360 degree views of each item and moving photographs, this website is one of the better e-commence fashion sites! [Cocoperez]


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