Fad city: south pacific

Having grown up in New York, I’ve seen as many musicals in my life as a real “theater person” has (despite the fact that my acting experience ends at playing Snow White in a day camp musical in 6th grade. No comment.) But the most outstanding by far is shockingly not playing on Broadway – it’s actually at Lincoln Center instead. The revival of South Pacific is an absolute must-see for any New York native or visitor.

Matthew Morrison and Li Jun Li in the original revival. Image courtesy of time.com

When the show first opened, the New York Times described the romance between Nellie (Kelli O’Hara) and Emile (Paulo Szot) as “unabashed and unquestioning.” There is no other show that invites you to dive headfirst emotionally into the characters’ love, to personally involve yourself in their passions and sorrows as they flare. Set amongst the lush scenery of (obviously) the South Pacific, you feel the same heat of the atmosphere, the same impulse to live as the characters do. While watching South Pacific, you fall in love – it feels just as real as anything you’d experience yourself.

My best friend and I have come up with a phrase to classify these instants of uncontainable emotion – heart-swelling moments. They’re the moments you can’t describe, but always remember. The entire two hours of South Pacific will undeniably cause countless of these.

Kelli O’Hara and Paulo Szot are returning for the last few weeks of the show – get tickets while you still can! (No word yet on whether Glee’s Matthew Morrison will as well – I’m crossing my fingers.)


Global streetlight

From left: South Africa, oalfaiatelisboeta.blogspot.com; Tel Aviv, thestreetswalker.blogspot.com; Berlin, styleclicker.net

Turn over: kristin

Another intern’s point of view.


On Thursday, at exactly four in the afternoon, the interns at the mark. office were all abuzz. Abuzz about what, you ask? The ultimate party we were throwing, of course! To showcase the Ultimate Party Kit coming out in August, we hosted a party in the mark. offices. We worked our magic in order to turn our everyday conference room into a full-out party room – with pink and brown balloons strategically placed around the room and more mark. makeup and fashion items than I had ever seen in one place, the room was really transformed into a festive atmosphere. We dressed mannequins in mark. clothes and accessorized them with the latest jewelry and bags. We had makeup for our guests to try on and magalogs for them to look through.

Clockwise from top left: New mark. products!; the ultimate party kit; gorgeous interns; the party room. Images courtesy of Beth Heitker, sales intern

The party lasted three hours and we had 34 guests throughout the night, both Representatives and non-Representatives. We raffled off the Ultimate Party Kit to one lucky Rep and a package of Rio-themed items from our Carlos Falchi collection to a lucky customer. Everyone received an eyeliner just for coming! All in all it was a great night with cookies, music, and of course mark.

– Kristin Kettig, haircare marketing intern

Heart-trending: denim/leather

The combination of denim and leather is not something you’d expect. Denim is a relaxed classic for jeans, leather is usually for hardcore, skintight looks – and people who have the confidence to pull them off. But together, they create a high-fashion edgy style. Right now, I am super into these jackets – paired with anything from black leggings to white jeans to a flowy skirt, you can create any look you want. In the end, isn’t fashion all about personal customization?

From left: Yigal Azrouel, intermixonline.com; Helmut Lang, shopbop.com

The film channel: angelina jolie in salt

At her request, Angelina Jolie was given the title role in Salt because she wanted to play Bond himself, not a Bond girl. And did she ever get her request – when you see some of the stunts in this movie, you’re going to be astounded that she did most of them herself! Mother of 6, humanitarian and stunt woman – things that don’t normally go together in the same category. Yet she somehow manages to save the world (as a CIA operative – the female version of Jack Bauer) while still looking gorgeous at the same time – aka a superhuman woman. Get her look:

Image courtesy of countdownoscar.blogspot.com

keep it going longwear eyeliner & shadow in entourage ($10)

scanda-lash hook up mascara in blacklash ($6)

i-mark custom pick eye shadows in magic and fairy dust ($5 each)

pro gloss hook up plumping lip shine in sexy ($6)

bronze pro bronzing power in pro glow ($10)

All access: gold rush

Call it a counter-reaction to the recession. Instead of showing more neutral, pared-down separates on the runway, designers took a calculated risk with vivid hues and even – shockingly – rich, metallic gold brocade. Showing rich shades of shimmering gold was an idea developed in many minds – from Alexander McQueen’s last collection of old-world luxury reminiscent of Versailles to Balmain’s red and gold brocade coat and pants. It truly speaks to something luxurious the way other tones cannot. Hello decadence of old, it’s been quite a while.

Clockwise from left: Rue de Mail, Pucci, Balmain, Dries Van Noten. Images courtesy of style.com

Quality gold clothing is (clearly) highly expensive and out of many price ranges – and cheap lame or metallic fabrics can easily look tacky. Get the same rich, opulent look with jewelry for a hint of high society without being overwhelming. Check out the lots of links bracelet ($14) and the have a heart necklace ($22). Being a huge fan of simple gold hammered jewelry for its ability to stand out in a classy manner, I can honestly say these pieces will amp up your look with a subtle hint of luxury.

This jewelry is not to be worn with the actual runway pieces, of course – paired with clothes of serious metallic shine, the wow factor will be a little too overwhelming (unless you’re Marie Antoinette). It’s all about what you can carry off!

Internal affairs: meredith kahn

Meredith Kahn, the designer of the jewelry line Made Her Think (an anagram of her name!), is the definition of edgy, unique personal style. With seven tattoos ranging from a shortened quote by WH Auden (“love or perish”) to an image from the book Art Forms in Nature and rocking an all-black vintage cutout dress which is equally as cutting-edge now, she is truly still the “Dark Star” that ELLE deemed her back in 2008. While working as the head of denim for Old Navy (impressively at age 21/22, no less), her inspiration board was always filled with bleached out denim, leather and menswear-inspired items – a far cry from the widespread cutesy, floral, girly sensibility. After designing some jewelry on the side, one day Lucky and Vogue came calling, followed by celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Rihanna – and the rest just spiraled out.

Kahn’s ideal goals?

  • To set up a true brand – one with a very specific identity and style that caters to a specific customer.
  • To expand – design in one area is easy to apply elsewhere. Examples: in the 1930s, industrial designers were also jewelry designers, the architect (most famously of the Guggenheim) Frank Gehry created a line for Tiffany’s. Kahn might even make a silverware line one day – she already works with metals! (See how easy the overlap is?)
  • To inspire other artists and young women and leave a legacy of some kind.

Made Her Think’s style today is not too soft or delicate, it has more attitude and righteousness. It’s successful because it speaks to girls in a way they want to be spoken too – they’re stronger than women of the past and want to display their inner confidence. It even appeals to men – it’s tough! The line is reminiscent of the current archetypal powerful, aggressive females such as Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.


  • It’s important to maintain yourself when you have a family and a business.
  • Life is made up of chapters: when you finish one, you go to another.
  • Have confidence and perseverance – if you believe in yourself, you will be fine.
  • Favorite thing about New York City: The energy, the pulse. You can be anything here, this city embraces it. It’s filles with people with ideas.
  • Favorite stores: Curve, Assembly, Fluke, Edith & Daha, Narnia, Oak, shopbop.com

My personal favorite pieces? The Fallen Star necklace, Viking cuff, Kissing Gemini cuff, and Mini Gemma knuckle buster. So gorgeous!

The mark. interns meeting Meredith Kahn (back row, dead center) today – photo courtesy of Kelsey Riley, sales intern.