All access: gold rush

Call it a counter-reaction to the recession. Instead of showing more neutral, pared-down separates on the runway, designers took a calculated risk with vivid hues and even – shockingly – rich, metallic gold brocade. Showing rich shades of shimmering gold was an idea developed in many minds – from Alexander McQueen’s last collection of old-world luxury reminiscent of Versailles to Balmain’s red and gold brocade coat and pants. It truly speaks to something luxurious the way other tones cannot. Hello decadence of old, it’s been quite a while.

Clockwise from left: Rue de Mail, Pucci, Balmain, Dries Van Noten. Images courtesy of

Quality gold clothing is (clearly) highly expensive and out of many price ranges – and cheap lame or metallic fabrics can easily look tacky. Get the same rich, opulent look with jewelry for a hint of high society without being overwhelming. Check out the lots of links bracelet ($14) and the have a heart necklace ($22). Being a huge fan of simple gold hammered jewelry for its ability to stand out in a classy manner, I can honestly say these pieces will amp up your look with a subtle hint of luxury.

This jewelry is not to be worn with the actual runway pieces, of course – paired with clothes of serious metallic shine, the wow factor will be a little too overwhelming (unless you’re Marie Antoinette). It’s all about what you can carry off!

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