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Another intern’s point of view.


One of the things I absolutely love about New York City is the endless possibilities of things to do – I have yet to be bored here. In fact, we’re using every possible moment outside the office to experience as many great things New York has to offer as we can. One particular area of interest is the theatre scene. A little fact I didn’t know: Broadway refers to the theatrical performances presented in one of the 40 large professional theatres with 500 seats or more located in the Theatre District. The professional productions with a seating capacity between 99 and 500 are referred to as “Off-Broadway”. Thankfully, a group of us have been lucky enough to snag tickets to a few shows for great prices.

The first show that I went to was one of my favorite childhood movies, Mary Poppins. It was amazing and the actors, especially the children, blew me away. One of the things I looked forward to seeing was how they transformed the movie onto the stage and I can honestly say they did not disappoint – the set design was incredible and included some of the magic from the screen.

The second  was a classic, West Side Story. While I wasn’t familiar with the story ahead of time, one of the other interns mentioned it was an updated remake of Romeo and Juliet which made it simple to follow. It was a different type of show from Mary Poppins in a good way – West Side Story was more about the performance, which included some amazing dance sequences. Overall, I would highly recommend both shows.

On 46th Street (west of Times Square) between 8th and 9th avenue we found Restaurant Row in Hell’s Kitchen – a ton of delicious places to eat with great dinner specials for the pre-theater crowd.  Before West Side Story we went to Yum Yum Bangkok on 9th Ave. between 45th and 46th. This Thai restaurant offers a 5-course meal (appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert) for $15.95. The food was good and a lot for the given price. Another restaurant I would recommend is Basilica on 9th Avenue between 46th and 47th – the food was amazing! Their special is a 3-course meal and a bottle of wine for every two people for $27.95 per person. While the price is a little high, it is definitely worth it. Do keep in mind that this restaurant is small and wouldn’t be good for a group.

If you are heading to New York City soon (or live close by) I hope you can take advantage of all the things New York has to offer – especially Broadway.

-Brittany Reece, online intern

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