News muse

Yigal Azrouel, the famous Israeli transplant designer, is starting a new affordable line with downtown edge entitled Cut25. Of course, affordable is code for ‘under $500’ – a steal!(?) [Refinery29]

The US Food and Drug Administration has been asked by the Personal Care Products Council to tighten regulation on beauty products. Unnecessary? Safer? Too much government? Either way, beauty is officially a political issue. [WWD]

Tell this to the sixth-grade Juicy Couture fans: expensive, high-end fashion products have more subtle labels in place of brash, imposing logos. Those who can afford the uber-pricy don’t need to brag to the mainstream about it. [New York Times]

Stella McCartney is using cute cartoons again in her Fall 2010 ad campaign – using “humor and a human touch” really numbs the pain of sky-high prices! [Fashionologie]

Lanvin just opened its first Manhattan boutique on Madison Avenue – and you can expect a truly delightful shopping experience. As designer Alber Elbaz said to the sales associates, “The only thing I would love you to do is help the women look beautiful. The moment they look beautiful, they will buy.” [WWD]

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