All access: go green

With the current push for environmental and eco-friendliness, it was only a matter of time before beauty products became good for you, the earth and communities around the globe. Pioneering what will be hopefully a widespread trend, mark. is the very first beauty company to use Fair Trade Certified ingredients in their Body Care That Cares skincare line. With a body cleanser, SPF 15 body lotion, body balm and body crème, it’s good on the outside and inside.  

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Olive oil, chamomile, cocoa butter, hibiscus, honey, white tea and vanilla are only a select few of the internationally sourced ingredients (from places such as Peru, India and Egypt). Fair Trade helps to empower farms around the world and protect the environment at the same time. Beauty benefits and a better world – a win-win situation for everyone!

do the right thing smoothing body lotion SPF 15 ($12)

the big fix 15-in-1 big benefits balm ($10)

fresh approach hydrating body cleanser ($10)

relief effort total comfort body creme ($14): my favorite – it actually smells and feels so good!

Get more information and see a special video about how Fair Trade helps the world at large here.

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