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I was recently stuck in a NYC dilemma when I needed to find a 5-night living situation in a short amount of time. Two of my friends from home were coming to visit me here in the city and we needed a place for all of us to stay.

Enter Roomorama!

Images courtesy of roomorama.com

This online tool was the answer to our problems. We wanted to be able to stay in the city within our price range and without the expensive hotel rooms, lack of kitchen and shared bathrooms! We also wanted to be directly in the action of the city, despite the more affordable hotels outside. Because we knew we’d be spending a good amount of money on a temporary living situation and even more on the infinite attractions and shopping opportunities, we really wanted to have a kitchen involved so we could buy groceries and cook rather than eat out everyday. As far as shared bathrooms go – it just would not have been convenient for getting ready in the mornings, for either those of us heading to work or going off to explore the city.

As I’m sure you can imagine, finding a hotel in the city with a kitchenette at best is not cheap. A friend referred us to Roomorama.com, a site that is essentially a Craigslist for short-term rentals. Through this website, property owners can rent out their bedrooms or full apartments to short-term renters who want to feel at home on vacation. Coincidentally enough, Roomorama’s tagline is just that: Feel at Home.

We were able to find an apartment in the city fully equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom, and even exposed brick walls, a terrace patio, and a 42” plasma TV (not complaining!) for $175 a night.  Not bad for having equivalent amenities to those at your own home.

The greatest part about Roomorama is that it’s not just in New York City. All you have to do is type in your designated city, number of beds needed and price range and voila! You can temporarily rent a bedroom, apartment or home wherever your next vacation is. Give it a try!

– Natalie Kitson, marketing intern

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