Internal affairs: who what wear

My daily fashion fix starts with a look at Who What Wear Daily, an online magazine about celebrity style and fashion trend coverage created by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. I had the chance to sit down with them for a phone interview and get a few questions answered about their amazing success – they are literally the sweetest people ever!

On the creation of the magazine…

There was a huge rise in gossip and popular celebrity culture, but fashion wasn’t addressed – you had to wait 3 months until print magazines were published, missing a lot of daily style and micro trends. Who What Wear Daily was established to match the immediacy of celebrity gossip sites, but with a focus on fashion, to address trends as they happened and show how celebrities styled themselves.

On their features…

An organic process of what Hillary and Katherine themselves would want to see – editorials, photoshoots, guest editors, and more. The most popular feature is What Would She Wear, a collection of pieces tailored to a celebrity that she would probably choose to wear herself. Recent WWSW posts focus on Kristen Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Olsen, who all have incredibly distinct styles that WWWD nailed.

On marketing and growing…

Along with previous industry contacts, the magazine grew largely through viral marketing – social media, celebrity forums and blogs, organic growth through people sharing it with their friends. They gave a special mention to their interns who helped reach out!

On the “it” factor of the site and what makes WWWD unique…

Their very distinct, specific point of view – the magazine makes high fashion accessible, taking trends and breaking them down so anyone can understand them in their own way.

The goal is to have women take away sheer inspiration: celebrities are normal people who mix price points and designers in their unique styles; they (can be)are more inspiring than models on the runway. The site gives women tools to execute inspiration – concrete facts, tips, tricks and techniques.

On their job…

The most rewarding part? Being able to have a vision and execute it so quickly; to set the agenda, navigate the content and do something delighting and inspiring to others. According to the girls, ideas are the key to everything – follow your interests, have ideas and make them happen. I think we’d all love to have their job!

On young women starting their own business…

Just jump in – be passionate about your idea. You have to love your work because you spend most of you time there, otherwise your life will be too crazy. Love what you do.

On plans for the future…

To continue to grow to a full magazine online: more content – photos, videos, maybe even TV! They’re planning to touch all media points soon. A major redesign is in the works to make the site easier and elevate it a little more, providing more room for content at the same time. Hillary and Katherine’s second book is coming out in March with instructions for countless style situations – a style reference guide what you should and shouldn’t wear to any event imaginable, from weddings to the dog park.

On fashion and beauty…

Fashion and beauty are part of pop culture: they influence and help people to understand what’s going on at the time. WWWD is a way to provide inspiration, tools and access to women who are equally as passionate about it!

On their favorite fashion trends for fall 2010…

Red leather…as seen at Givenchy, Celine, Balmain

‘50s redux – full skirts, super feminine looks…as seen at Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant

Animal prints…as seen at Dries Van Noten, Mulberry, Moschino Cheap & Chic

On their personal style…

Katherine: Preppy American classic with tough Parisian accents

Hillary: Girly girl and ladylike with extreme accessories; “Hitchcock heroine gone bad” (she doesn’t own flats!)

They often wear similar things and style it differently.

The first request on the call? A new glow baby glow hook up lip gloss ($6) in girly girl (a bright pink shade that is just so fun to look at and wear) – theirs was all used up!

Check out Who What Wear here.

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