Internal affairs: rebecca minkoff

Today we had a lovely lunch with Rebecca Minkoff (whose closet and style I want to steal – especially the gold cascading chain necklace and oversized sleeveless red button down shirt she wore today)! Only having known her from afar from obsessing over her most famous bag, the Morning After line, I was awed by her incredibly poised presence and warm personality in person.

Minkoff opened her own company in 2001 – her first major launch was an I Love NY shirt made for Jenna Elfman, who wore it on David Letterman after 9/11. Starting out in 2005 with accessories, her first bag, the Morning After bag, (unsurprisingly) sold out in a single day. The line, expanding quickly because of its contemporary price points and great value, organically grew to encompass more bags. Clothing production was relaunched in 2009 thanks to the reality show The Hills. (Reality TV is good for something!)

The main thing Minkoff emphasized was her relationship with her customers – she answers every email and listens to their needs, such as changing a certain feature of a bag. She even created a sample sale in San Francisco when a customer asked! Minkette is a special blog on the website which features daily posts by Minkoff and a forum for people to talk as much as they want about any kind of bag.

From left: Morning After quilted clutch,; Alligator Nikki,

Quick Takes: Minkoff’s…


Flea markets and vintage stores in places out of NYC like London and Paris


Classic with a twist; “Our girl shops online!”

Designing preference?

85% bags (more popular and fun to do), 15% clothes

Way of avoiding designer’s block?


Best part of the job?

Right before a collection comes out and she gets to see all the new pieces!

Larger vision?

To have a lifestyle brand with areas such as jewelry, swimwear, watches, sunglasses, shoes and even sheets one day

Inspiring designers?

  • Alexander McQueen, for his incredible shows and art
  • Coco Chanel
  • Alexander Wang
  • Marc Jacobs – “like him or not, he sets the trend for the coming seasons”

Aspirations when hiring?

Loyalty; people who can see the five-year plan, want long-term advancement and growth and bring things to the table

Best bag for fall?

The Morning After quilted clutch

2 responses to “Internal affairs: rebecca minkoff

  1. REBECCA MINKOFF! Oh my goodness, ladies, you’re so lucky & I’m so jealous! (:

    She sounds so amazing! & it’s great she takes times to contact her customers – now THAT is customer service !

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