The film channel: natalie portman in garden state

Image courtesy of

Even with such a miniscule amount of makeup, she’s still stunning. Just a little bit enhanced to look even better on camera! Get her look:

curl goddess Curl and Wave Defining Gel ($6)

face xpert Flawless Touch Makeup ($10)

i-mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow ($5) in tiki and latte

mini mark it stick Hook Up Stick for Eyes ($6) in shell

good glowing mosaic blush Custom Color Palette ($7) in sandy

totally balmed SPF 15 Tinted Lip Balm ($7) in totally bare

And for some killer eye shine, add a little bit of Aquaphor onto your eyelids to complete the look! Using your lip treatment on your eyes? Now that’s a way to save money on the small things and save up for something big that you really want (for some of us that’s a house or car, for others it’s a pair of shoes)!

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