Turn over: kelsey

Another intern’s point of view.


One of the reasons I love this internship is the inspiration. Of course, the mark. offices are overwhelmed with talent and motivating, enthusiastic mentors and co-workers. But the learning doesn’t stop when I leave the offices. I get inspiration from many different aspects of my experiences. Furthermore, these experiences inspire a multitude of aspects of my life—fashion, style, music, food and, most definitively, a way of thinking.

Inspiring Cadences of Williamsburg: Brooklyn, NY

It’s shag, it’s urban, it’s bubbling with political idiocracy.  The youth bring life to the crooked sidewalks and short, rustic buildings that sparkle inside with creativity.  The loud, European music sweeping from the stoops of locals accompanies the melodic steps of old school sneakers or vintage boots in the crowds of 20-something-year-olds.

Androgynous styles, budding vegan restaurants and liberal thoughts strip the streets of any antiquated values.  The urge for self-expression and independence meshes with the need to come together and celebrate diversity.

Every space is utilized and concrete covers all – yet green grass is appreciated and deemed necessary for socializing and enjoyment of life.  A local park is representative of America’s core values—separate, but together.

Cool shops, vintage feels.  Bringing the old to the  new.  Allowing history to mold the future  thoughts.  Inspiration, in so many different  aspects!

It’s so cool to be exposed to something so new to me.  Williamsburg is only  one of the awesome places the mark. interns have gotten to experience.  New  York truly is the greatest city in the nation.  We’re all bubbling with  inspiration and just can’t wait to break the boundaries and share it with the  world!

All images courtesy of google.com

– Kelsey Riley, sales intern

One response to “Turn over: kelsey

  1. Great depiction of the area – your phrasing and pictures bring this article to life!

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