Turn over: amanda

Another intern’s point of view.


As the online intern here at mark., I’ll admit that I am a bit of a computer nerd (in heels nonetheless!) and love finding new uses for social media. My latest obsession is exploring New York City with Foursquare, a location-based social media application that you can run on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Whenever I’m shopping or sightseeing in the city, I check-in to the location using the Foursquare app on my cell phone. Foursquare then sends out my location and blurb to my Twitter and Facebook followers .

What’s so cool about letting people know where I am? We can talk about the place, my friends can come join me and I can give a tip on what I liked (or didn’t) about it!

What’s also neat about Foursquare is that if I check in multiple times to a location I can eventually become ‘mayor’; that can allow me to unlock a promotion known as a ‘mayor special’ from that business. Starbucks, Ann Taylor and Whole Foods are just a few of the businesses in New York City that have partnered with Foursquare and offer specials. You can even play Foursquare as a game and out your friends and others as mayors of locations!

Several of the interns are now on Foursquare as well – it’s fun to see what the other girls are doing in the city (when we’re not all together!) and give each other ideas to explore new places! I can even add tips to my profile for my friends to view, add to their own ‘to do’ lists and visit.

My recent Foursquare check-ins in the Big Apple include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Citi Field in Queens for a Mets game, Coney Island, the Financial District and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Where will I be next? Follow me on Foursquare here!

– Amanda Goodhue, online intern

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  1. Pretty cool!!! 🙂

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