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Another intern’s point of view.


The temperature is on the rise in NYC! As the thermometers creep higher and higher (I’m talking over 100 degrees!), the mark. interns have been trying to stay cool in whatever ways we can. This means staying inside of our wonderfully air conditioned offices for lunch, breaking out our cutest tanks to wear to work and crossing our fingers that our train is waiting for us when we reach the subway platform after work. I’ve also found that I’ve had to switch up my makeup routine to ensure that my face looks fresh and flawless all day. To me, not much is worse than looking in the mirror and finding my mascara smeared, my foundation caked and my shadow creased. Luckily, mark. has TONS of fabulous products that are formulated to beat the heat! Here are my top picks:

Get a Tint ($9) – mark.’s tinted moisturizer comes in 4 blendable shades, and is super lightweight and refreshing. It gives me sheer coverage that leaves my skin looking young and dewy (without looking sweaty, streaky, or cakey!). The best part about using Get a Tint in the summer is the sun protection it offers. Its SPF 15 keeps me protected as I run around NYC.

Please Hold ($8) – This eye primer gets your lids ready for shadow by creating an even base that results in better color payoff and a crease-free look all day. Until this summer, I had never used eyeshadow primer before. I was really missing out! Using Please Hold, my shadow stays in place from 8AM to 8PM — seriously!

Lash Splash ($6) – This hook-up mascara is waterproof, so even if you start to sweat, it won’t budge! After curling my eyelashes (I swear by my Shu Uemura eyelash curler) I apply an even coat and voila: fabu-lash!

Glow Baby Glow in Pink Crush ($6) – Okay, so this product isn’t just for the summer, but this is my absolute favorite lipgloss — it leaves your lips with a healthy pink glow, and a slight sparkle. This comes in hookup form, so…

…attach it to your favorite A Spray We Go Fragrance ($8) and throw it in your purse! Let’s face it, we all are going to sweat on a hot summer day (I prefer to refer to sweating as “glistening”, but that’s just me), and chances are the perfume we started out with in the morning may start to fade away. With A Spray We Go, you have a mini bottle of your favorite mark. fragrance on you at all times. Freshen up at lunchtime, and you’ll smell amazing for the rest of the day!

As the weather heats up, try out these products and show mother nature that you’re just as hot as the scorching sun!

P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

– Sarah Hreyo, product development intern

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