Heart-trending: prada B.Y.O. Bags

Whenever I take style quizzes, I always land on the edgy/urban/modern side of the results – never in the bohemian/ethnic arena. That’s why I was shocked to realize that I had fallen in love with Prada’s new B.Y.O. Bags (“Bring Your Own Bags”). In intricately cool colors and prints, these lightweight bags are a beach staple that are also perfect for city adventures. The only downside is the $295 price tag (the bags are made in the traditional Prada fabric with archived prints on them), but hey, they’re amazing quality and will last a really long time! They also go match perfectly with Prada’s Resort 2011 collection and give you even more of a reason to jetset off to the islands for December. Sold exclusively at Prada boutiques.

 Bags, images courtesy of selectism.com; Runway, images courtesy of prada.com

My favorite is  yellow one that says ‘barca’ on it – everyone needs a little color to spruce up their basic black, right?

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