Ship style file: beth

Name: Beth Heitker, communication & education (sales) intern

Age: 20

Hometown: Newark, Ohio

School: Xavier University

Major: Business Marketing

Interests: softball, running, shopping, reading, traveling

Ideal job/industry to be in one day:

I would love to be in the beauty industry.  Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be a beautician. I used to play “hair salon” with my dolls all the time and cover them with makeup for a full makeover! After high school, I even toyed with the idea of going to cosmetology school. As I’ve grown up, I have never lost track of that passion, but have found the best way to incorporate it into my life. I think at this point, my ideal job would to be to manage, or even own, a beauty salon or spa type business.

Favorite designers and stores?

I love trend brands and stores. One of my favorite designers is Betsey Johnson—mostly for her outrageous style. I wish I had enough confidence to wear, carry, or use half her line. I also enjoy shopping at Forever 21 & H&M and hunting for deals at Macy’s and Dillards!

What’s your general fashion inspiration? How would you define your style?

For me, fashion is all about what catches the eye and what I feel comfortable in. I tend to get my fashion inspiration from the seasons. During the summer, I am all about flowy and flowery clothes, and in the fall, neutrals—lots of golds and browns. I also tend to overaccessorize—no matter what the season. They really can make an outfit! You can never go wrong with accessories!

What was the inspiration behind this particular outfit?

This outfit was comfortable and trendy. I love leggings and over-sized shirts! I tried to make it a bit more edgy with the belt and the shoes. It’s a little crazy for my small hometown (I might get a few looks wearing this around), but I think I fit in here in NY.

What’s your favorite thing about the mark. internship so far?

Do I have to pick just one!? Everything about this internship has been great for me. It really is a dream job. I never thought a small town girl could make it to NYC for beauty and fashion. Besides being in NY, and surrounded by fabulous interns, I would have to say the best part of this internship is having the opportunity to meet and hear from so many powerful, independent, and impressive women.  I love hearing their stories and how they made their “mark.” in the world.

Favorite mark. product to take on a desert island?

I would have to take the It Kit ($8!).  It just has everything I need—eyes, lips, and blush.  Who could ask for anything more!

What are your fashion and beauty summer must-haves?

My summer must haves are the mark. brazilian bikini (top and bottom each $22), totally balmed SPF 15 lip balm in totally cute ($8) and summer day sunglasses ($12).  You can’t go wrong with these out in the sun!

And finally, the best thing about being in NYC for the summer? What’s the number 1 thing to do?

The best thing to do this summer is take advantage of the NYC fashion and shop in the city.  There are so many hidden boutiques;  I can’t wait to explore and find them all!

One response to “Ship style file: beth

  1. Great post! Beth, those are some pretty sweet booties/slingbacks you’ve got on there. Where are they from? Sophisticated and unexpected. LOVE.

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