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Another intern’s point of view.


Since the start of our internship here at mark., we’ve had the pleasure of hearing the stories of four women (thus far) who are beyond admirable and inspirational — each in their own respect.  These four women each shared with us their experiences leading up to their success, highlighting not just their moments of triumph but also their trials and tribulations along the way.  My personal favorite part of each of their presentations was their ability to express the lessons that their experiences have taught them in hindsight.  In this post, I will do my best to summarize in short the insight Robin Tolvin and Claudia Poccia had to share with us;  in my next post, I will give you all the scoop on mark. make-up artist Jamie Greenberg’s insights, tips & tricks and explore the world of finances with the wisdom and intuition of Jean Chatzky!

Our first speaker was Robin Tolvin, a life coach in the eyes of everyone but her own, who shocked me most with her humility.  With years and years of experience in an industry my fellow interns and I are just stepping into, she captivated her audience as she took us on the roller coaster of her career.  The main points she wanted to get across to us were both from a professional standpoint: 1. what people notice about you that you should know and 2. reinventing yourself in times of career turmoil.  She stressed to us the importance of finding out what your niche is, what someone would pay you to do, and to have the humility to realize that you may not always be the best person for the job.  She made this realization early on in her own career and ultimately told herself that there is “life after Bloomingdale’s.”  Moving on to a decline in the roller coaster, she told us the story of a manager she had who, quite frankly, did not like her.  We all were extremely comforted by the fact that this captivating woman standing in front of us could be fired too.  But what she took away from that experience was much more valuable to her in the ultimate scheme of things; she said, “When you get fired, you stand up and brush yourself off.  You find out what you’re capable of.”  Robin went on to engrave in our minds the importance of being aware of your self-presentation at all times in the business world because someone is always listening and someone is always watching.  You have to take responsibility for your own career.  Overall, she said that we must stay true to our beliefs and to ourselves.  Your career will never be a straight line and you’ll have to test the waters in order to find your niche, but you have to accept the bumps in the road on your way to finding it because confidence comes from knowing that you love your job.

The next woman to grace us with her autobiography was the star of the show here at mark. – Mrs. Claudia Poccia.  What I admired the most about Claudia’s story was how diverse she proved herself to be, not only in the number of languages she speaks but in the various positions she has held throughout her career – beginning as early as high school!  Right off the bat, she had us all laughing in our chairs with her stories; from triumphing over the most popular boy in school (her crush!) for student council president to never quite grasping the task of frying french fries at McDonalds.  Once she realized her future in the fast food industry would be short-lived, she went on to become a flight attendant, stemming from her dreams of “seeing the world.”  That’s right – that job you always thought would be the most exhilarating experience of your life, but never thought to be realistic.  She did it, traveling all over the world on the weekends and living a normal college student life during the week – a truly remarkable feat in my mind.  Claudia went on to share with us that her collegiate and professional careers were roller coaster-esque as well; she changed her major and career goals multiple times just like Robin.  And just as Robin had spoken of brushing yourself off and finding out what you’re capable of, a few heart-wrenching events in Claudia’s life led her to tell us that “you find out what you’re made of when everything falls apart.”  She said that there will be defining moments in your career that will either build you or break you, that sometimes things don’t go your way, but you must learn the importance of having grace under pressure. Ultimately Claudia said that you must always be present in the moment and take something from every experience.  Soak it all in – like we interns are doing here during our 3 short months in our dream internship!

– Natalie Kitson, marketing intern

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  1. This was very helpful, and good to remember in these tough times. I am going through a bit of a roller coaster myself.

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