Internal affairs: CEW women in beauty – the building of a brand: bobbi brown & maureen case

From left: Bobbi Brown, courtesy of; Maureen Case, courtesy of

One of the most amazing things for interns at a makeup company is meeting experienced and inspiring women in the beauty industry – something mark. provided last night by taking us to a Cosmetic Executive Women industry event featuring Bobbi Brown and the president of her brand, Maureen Case! (Our countless facebook statuses all day demonstrated our level of excitement – having studied Bobbi’s Teenage Beauty book religiously as a preteen, I was literally ecstatic).

Sponsored by SHAPE magazine, the event highlighted a theme that was spelled out right in the introduction: “Confidence is the ultimate beauty serum.” Bobbi and Maureen spent the hour discussing natural beauty and being yourself no matter what. According to Maureen, “What we sell is transformation and ultimately, confidence,” – a notion that resonated with each woman in the room.

A few bits and pieces from the evening…

Bobbi’s soundbites:

  • “All women are beautiful – and with makeup, can be even more beautiful.”
  • “No one looks perfect without makeup, not even supermodels.”
  • “America is a melting pot – you never know who’s going to come to your counter.”
  • “Women are the same – we all want to look good and have it be easy.”
  • “Be who you are.”

The best piece of advice Bobbi was ever given by her mentor Leonard Lauder1. Travel the world and talk to many different kinds of people but  2. As a mother, be home with your kids as much as you can.

The Ladies’ Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Don’t let your imagination have a boundary
  • Have a new and unique idea in your field, no adding a “me too” onto someone else’s
  • You cannot do it all yourself
  • Be aware of everything going on around you
  • Hard work is absolutely key

These two women were so incredible; it was an absolute honor to hear their stories and advice. Listening to them made me want to get into the fashion & beauty industry even more!

A final soundbite that is near and dear to my heart…“I still love magazines, I always will.” Amen to that, there is nothing like holding print in your hands.

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