Ship style file: natalie

Name: Natalie Kitson, marketing intern

Age: 21

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

School: Arizona State University

Major: Public Relations, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Interests: running, reading, cooking, music, traveling

Ideal future job: I love to work with people and I have a devout interest in working in a public relations agency, but would one day like to own my own business.

Favorite designers and stores?

I’m a complete 100% bargain shopper – I love Nordstrom Rack and H&M, but I also love to splurge at stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

What’s your general fashion inspiration? How would you define your style?

My general fashion inspiration, I would say, is the child inside of me. Most days, I’m a jeans-and-tshirt fanatic. On a professional level, my style is more classic, simple chic.

What was the inspiration behind this particular outfit?

My mother would call this the military dress that is “all the rage in New York City.” Which could be true, considering last week’s style profile!

What’s your favorite thing about the mark. internship so far?

I would say my favorite part is the amount of care and consideration the leaders of the intern program have put into our experience here. The luncheons have been particularly inspirational and having the opportunity to visit a PR agency such as Kaplow was phenomenal considering my major. I’m also loving the valuable friendships that I’m creating along the way.

Favorite mark. product to take on a desert island?

I think I would take mark.’s The Big Fix 15-in-1 Benefits Balm ($5 for Reps, $10 for customers)* because it serves multiple purposes. I would also be sure to take the Brazilian Beach Bikini (top and bottom, $22 each) so that I could swim to the nearest ship, mainland, shore…etc. Does mark. sell fireworks of any kind?

What are your fashion and beauty summer must-haves?

My must-haves are a pair of shorts, a tank top and sandals. I also like to wear bright fun nail polish colors in the summer!

And finally, the best thing about being in NYC for the summer? What’s the number one  thing to do?

The best thing about being in New York for the summer is taking everything in and experiencing everything while you’re in the moment because the moment won’t last for very long. The number one thing to do is to explore as much as you possibly can and come away with friendships that will last you a lifetime.

*The Big Fix is available only to mark. Reps right now, sold at through Trend Insider 8 – you can become a Rep here! It will be available to customers July 20.

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