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NYC Weekend Highlights with Sadie

Being in New York, one can expect all sorts of crazy fashions – but another thing the city is known for is its FOOD! Although I spent my weekend observing fashion (mostly wishing I could afford the awesome things I saw), I spent more time focused on food. I have three spots that I am now in love with and just had to share! Just because I hate to be underdressed or overdressed, I’ve also included a “Get the Right Look” for each location that should give you some ideas!

 Find #1: SouthWest NYContemporary Southwest Cuisine

 This place has a great location and delicious food! Beware – on a warm sunny Friday you’ll have to wait for outdoor seating, but the view is worth it. Overlooking the Hudson from just beneath World Financial Center, this trendy little restaurant and bar serves great cocktails. I recommend the margarita and mojito! The margaritas are traditional but the mojito is cut with orange juice, a great twist on the classic recipe. When it comes to food, SouthWest has good portions and just the right amount of spice and flavor. I recommend any of the quesadillas and nachos! The staff is mediocre on busy nights but overall, the restaurant is worth checking out. They take online reservations too!

 SouthWest NY; 225 Liberty Street (2 World Financial Center) NY, NY 10281; TEL: 212.945.0528; www.southwestny.com

Get the Right Look…with a graphic print dress and gold jewelry that are right on trend.

Find #2: Hop Kee – Chinese Cuisine

A friend who led me to this place hyped it with, “This is Woody Allen’s spot”. Skeptically, I went in. Afterwards, a few key words now come to mind: “line”, “portion”, and most importantly “experience”. Why these? Well, much like SouthWest, this place is a hot spot but not because it’s trendy, because you get your money’s worth and the staff is quite funny. Located in Chinatown on a street packed with other Chinese restaurants, Hop Kee is easy to miss – that is, until you see the long line that extends out the door at dinner time. The menu is huge with a variety of the well-known dishes. The prices seem quite reasonable, averaging out at $7 a dish. Your $7 dollars will go much further than you think, as the portion sizes are huge and quite difficult to finish without help from a friend. In terms of taste and quality, Hop Kee does fairly well for itself. I recommend the wonton soup & orange chicken. The staff is vibrant and likes to keep the crowd coming in and moving out. The walls are lined with memorabilia that guests have left behind. They don’t generally take reservations and are CASH ONLY but the place is definitely worth a look!

Hop Kee; 21 Mott Street New York, NY 10013; TEL: (212) 964.8365; Open Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-1am; Fri-Sat 11am-4am

Get the Right Look…with a colorful top and jewelry tempered by dark jeans and a pale leather bag.  

Find #3: The Australian – Australian/American Pub Cuisine

Titled the official FIFA World Cup Viewing Headquarters by the MLS, The Australian is my number one pick for environment. Though a touch pricey, this Australian pub offers friendly service and a true Aussie experience. The flat screen TVs show world cup matches, rugby, and Australian football. About half the staff is Australian and the crowd always includes a few others. During major games, expect this place to be packed but fun! Try a Toohey’s New or Pure Blonde imported bottle if you have some extra cash and be sure to dive right into an order of potato wedges served with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. If you are looking for more than an appetizer the meat pie is an Aussie favorite and best seller!

The Australian; 20 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10017; TEL: 212.869.8601; www.theaustraliannyc.com

Get the Right Look…add some colorful, exotic bracelets to spice up a sporty outfit of jeans, flipflops and a polo – from your favorite team, of course.

– Sadie Howes, sales intern

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