Fad city: stylin’ USA

In my personal opinion, no museum in the world measures up to The Met (with the exception of the Louvre – but it’s a super close call.) Art, photography, a sculpture garden on the roof, even a little tranquil Japanese garden with a fountain nestled on the second floor – where else has all of this combined?

This summer, while reading the New York Times in Chicago, one particular exhibit caught my eye in the arts section: American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity – at, where else, the Met Costume Institute, home of the institute’s annual star-studded spring gala. The exhibit highlights modern American style from 1890 to 1940, creating a timeline based on archetypes such as The Heiress (1890s), The Bohemian (1900s), The Patriot and the Suffragist (1910s), The Flapper (1920s), and The American Woman (1890s-2010). These styles of the past have paved the way for a current style to emerge, the way women dress today. The official video ends with a montage of Michelle Obama dancing with her husband at the Inaguration Ball – the symbol of classic American fashion for the years to come.

From left: Franklin Simon & Co. military uniform circa 1916-1918, Jeanne Lanvin gown circa fall/winter 1933, courtesy of metmuseum.org; Photo of the collection, courtesy of flickr.com

The exhibit runs from May 5 to August 15  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Get more information and see the exhibit video here.

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