Internal affairs: jamie greenberg

Another perk of the job is having make their mark luncheons with incredibly influential women to learn about how they – wait for it – made their mark in their chosen industry. Today’s lady of choice was renowned makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Having worked with magazines from Lucky to Nylon, celebrities from Olivia Wilde to Shenae Grimes, Jamie has a vast and extremely impressive portfolio – while also being one of the most hysterical people I’ve ever met!

Her important life lessons every woman should learn:

  • Hard work and practice will push you to levels you never thought possible
  • We have the power to do and be whatever we want, if you really want it
  • A positive attitude and kindness will get you farther than you think
  • Giving back and being thankful will keep you in a very safe place
  • Doing what you love is the key to happiness (the one that personally resonated the most with me)

We also got a makeup tips and tricks tutorial afterwards! Some of her top picks:

After her session, I was lucky enough to get a quick interview!

What originally drew you towards makeup?

The fact that it makes people feel good in an instant and gives people confidence. It just looks so good.

What’s your favorite type of event to do makeup for?

Red carpet. It’s the time when people have to look their absolute best, all eyes are on them. They have to have the perfect look with the dress and the hair. It’s fun!

Who is your ideal celebrity to work with?

Right now, the cast of True Blood. I’m obsessed with that show.

How long have you been working with mark.? Having worked with Ashley Greene before, are you excited to have her join as a brand ambassador?

3 years, 3 wonderful years. I think [Ashley] is a great role model, absolutely stunning, and a great woman to spread [mark.’s] message.

What’s your favorite thing about working with mark.?

The message that mark. sends: you can do it all – be a strong, independent woman who makes her mark. Not only beauty, but strength.

What’s your favorite beauty product in general to use on clients or yourself?

Skincare. I really believe you have to have the perfect base before makeup can be properly applied. You have to have the canvas prepped.

What is the biggest beauty mistake that women always make?

Making excuses – not having time, being afraid, claiming to not like makeup or be able to put it on, etc.

NY vs. LA?

It’s like comparing foundation and lipgloss. They’re both makeup, but so different for such wonderful reasons.

Check out Jamie’s website here!

From left: Jamie’s work, courtesy of, and all of the interns with Jamie (in the middle with the magalog)

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