Ship style file: sarah

I am surrounded by stylish ladies in the mark. offices, especially my fellow interns whose outfits I am wowed by everyday. You can be fashionable and professional at the same time – even on a college student’s budget! Each week, I will be writing a ship style file of another intern, showing her outfit of the day and style preferences in general. First up is the lovely Sarah from Yonkers, NY!

Trendy and savvy with her green military dress, brown strappy sandals and cute nail polish.

Name: Sarah Hreyo, product development intern

Age: 19

School: Sarah Lawrence College

Major: Liberal Arts

Interests: shopping, beauty, fashion, figure skating, yoga, country pop music

Ideal future industry: medicine or beauty (mark. in particular!)

Favorite designers and stores?

I really enjoy Nordstrom and Forever 21 because you can find everything there. Free People is one of my favorite designers, but there are so many I can’t even begin to list!

What’s your general fashion inspiration? How would you define your style?

I would define my style as classic preppy but I like to add little twists that make it fun, like a fun nail polish color, shoes, accessories, and items with lots of sparkle and glitter.

What was the inspiration behind this particular outfit?

When I saw it, I was thinking it was kind of a military-inspired piece but also girly.

What’s your favorite thing about the mark. internship so far?

I love being surrounded by fashion and beauty products and working with people who are as passionate about mark. as I am.

Favorite mark. product to take on a desert island?

If I could pick one thing…if I were being practical I would bring my Get A Tint moisturizer so I wouldn’t get a sunburn…but I’m not, so I would bring a Flip For It kit so I could have many choices!

What are your fashion and beauty summer must-haves?

I have to have fun nail polish no matter what. And all of the mark. jewelry, of course. For beauty products, I have been currently obsessed with tinted moisturizer, eye primer, waterproof eyeproducts, and tons of lipgloss so that my makeup stays put all day.

And finally, the best thing about being in NYC for the summer? What’s the number 1 thing to do?

Definitely being in the center of the most vibrant city in the world. The number one thing you have to do when you’re in the city is go see Wicked, it’s my favorite musical!

Get her summer beauty look with the Flip For It spring color kit ($8), Get A Tint moisturizer ($9), Please Hold eye primer ($8), and Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain ($9), all available from the shop mark. link on the Ship Out sidebar. Her bracelet comes out on Friday for Reps and mid-July for customers, sign up to become a mark. Rep here!

2 responses to “Ship style file: sarah

  1. Love the Style File idea. It’s great to see what other “regular girls” are wearing!

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