Internal affairs: kaplow

As interns in the beauty industry, one way we get substantial hands-on experience is by going on field trips to other companies associated with mark. Yesterday, we made the 15-minute walk in heels (except for those smart girls who brought flats) to Kaplow, mark.’s public relations firm. Publicizing mark. everywhere from fashion magazines to talk shows with a strong results-oriented drive, Kaplow has helped the company to expand in leaps and bounds.

What is PR? Essentially, PR people are storytellers to the media. They communicate carefully crafted messages about a company to the public. The goal is to create a favorable image of your product, targeting specific consumers in customized fashion. Media relationships are particularly important in brand-building, especially the developing field of social media. (Facebook anyone?)

Of course, working at mark. is all about learning how to “make your mark.” – and no one was better to exemplify that message than Liz Kaplow. Founding her own PR company in order to gain more flexibility in working hours, she imparted a message of being successful in the moment, always focusing on your current victories, and then using those to take the next step further. According to Kaplow, PR queen herself, to be in PR you need a strong work ethic, communication skills and most importantly, resourcefulness. Present yourself in the best light possible just like you would present your company and product in the best light possible.

The mark of a good PR person? A group of 12 interns who leave thinking, “Maybe I should try this!” Now that’s a good agency.

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